nowhere man (budhaboy) wrote,
nowhere man

Merry !@#$ing Christmas...

It's that time of year again... My wife's busiest time, leaving me, of course to work like a dog to fullfill the ghost of her mother's notion of a 'perfect' Christmas. To be fair, they were really pretty decent, but she didn't have an actual job, and a household staff at her disposal... clearly it'll be 'better'.

My plan was to take tomorrow afternoon off to fetch her Old Da', but I think I'm coming down with something, and to ensure I'll be able to make it, I was planning on spending the day in bed... maybe wrap presents. Having heard that I was taking today off, My better half left the house a complete wreck, and wrapped utterly no presents, so that she could make sure she baked the 400 cookies (in 10 different varieties) for the boy's Christmas parties, as well as our own celebration.

So today's to do list:

1) go through the mail to find money.
2) go to the bank.
3) wrap ALL the presents.
4) clean the basement.
5) contemplate decorating the tree in the basement.
6) clean the boys' rooms.
7) clean the living room
8) clean the dining room.
9) work out.
10) take O off to fetch presents for his mother and brother.
11) oh right, get rest for tomorrow's 16 hour road trip to fetch H's father.
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